Gintaras Balčiūnas

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Gintaras Balčiūnas, a partner at the law firm Balčiūnas & Grajauskas, is one of the best-known Lithuanian experts in litigation and arbitration, public sector and European Union law.

In 1989 Gintaras Balčiūnas graduated from Vilnius University, the Faculty of Law. During his professional career Gintaras Balčiūnas was managing partner and one of the founders of the law firm Jurevičius, Balčiūnas & Bartkus (2000 - 2009), the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania (9th Government and 10th Government).

Gintaras Balčiūnas took an active part in drafting the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania. He was the head of the working group drafting the Law on the Approval, Enforcement and Implementation of the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania, led the working group drafting the Law on the Register of Property Seizure Acts, the working group drafting the Law on the Legal Aid.

The advocate Gintaras Balčiūnas has also been engaged in academic activities. He taught at Mykolas Romeris University from 1989 to 2010.  

During his legal practice Gintaras Balčiūnas has advised a large number of public institutions, municipalities, local and foreign private companies and natural persons:

  • Represented one of the largest Baltic airlines in civil litigation against another Lithuanian airline. The claim exceeded LTL 200 million.
  •  Advised a leading telecommunications company in Lithuania in connection with signing a contract on strategic investment.
  • Successfully advised a public institution of Lithuania on the issues related to the financial support and penalty system applied by the European Commission.
  • Took part in the projects of Lithuanian energy system in relation to the decommissioning of the nuclear power plant.
  • Provided legal advice regarding the establishment of a free economic zone in Lithuania.
  • Represented Lithuanian National Road Carriers' Association.
  • Issued a legal opinion to one of the leading insurance companies in Lithuania in relation to a dispute with the Lithuanian oil refinery exceeding LTL 50 million.
  • Participated in numerous projects with the global business consulting and audit company Ernst & Young.
  • Successfully advised one of the largest supermarket chains, the company holding the largest beer brewery in Lithuania as well as  other enterprises and organizations.

Gintaras Balčiūnas is listed as a recommended arbitrator of Vilnius Court of Commercial Arbitration.

Gintaras Balčiūnas is also a member of Vilnius Rotary Club and Vilnius Leaders' Club.